3 Home Appliances Repair Tips You Can Use


Did you know that it is possible to actually fix many of the appliances that you have in your home using tools that you have available? Even more important than fixing problems as they arise, there are certain things that you can do to prevent these problems from occurring, or at least delaying them as long as possible. Appliances are not made to last forever, but through proper maintenance, they can last years longer than most of them actually will without proper care. Here are four home appliances repair tips that you can use to extend the life of any appliance that you have in your home right now.

Why You Should Use These Tips

For most people, especially those that are not mechanically inclined, it may seem a useless venture to even try to repair appliances that are either not functioning as they once did, or are not functioning at all. Whether you have purchased your appliance from a major retailer, or even a local outlet store, your goal should always be to make them last as long as possible. Statistics have shown that home appliances that are well-maintained actually require fewer repairs down the road. The last longer, and will likely use less energy, depending upon the appliance, as a result of implementing the following tips.

Refrigerator Repair And Maintenance Tips

The first appliance that you should look at is going to be your refrigerator, specifically looking at the gaskets on the strip that forms the seal that prevents cold air from coming out. If you have a refrigerator that also has a freezer, it is vitally important that this plastic strip is well-maintained so that your refrigerator and freezer will use less energy. Likewise, through overuse, not only will you spend more on your electric bill to keep everything cold, there is also the possibility that it may lead to running the food inside. The tip that you will want to utilize is cleaning this strip, and adding a thin coating of Vaseline over the top which will moisturize the strip preventing it from cracking, and will also help make a much better seal. Another tip that you can use with a refrigerator is to clean the coils that are either located in the back, or at the base of the refrigerator. If there is a significant amount of dust, this can restrict the amount of airflow that will go into this major appliance, and can actually lead to overheating the refrigerator, causing it to break. You simply have to remove the kick plates that is in front, or the rear panel if there is one, and use a handheld vacuum cleaner. This should be done every few months just to make sure that airflow is maintained, and that your refrigerator will have the best possibility of not overheating in the near future.

Dishwasher Repair And Maintenance Tips

The main part of the dishwasher that should always be maintenance are the gaskets and strip that forms the seal between the water inside and the kitchen area. You will definitely notice that this is not functioning properly because you will have water leaking out while it is running, a clear sign that something is wrong. You should clean this off with soap and water, and you may also want to use a thin layer of Vaseline on this strip as well. It’s also important to be careful when you are loading the dishes onto the racks which are typically built of very flimsy light material which can easily be damaged, requiring you to replace them sometimes much earlier than they should be. By making sure that the seal is tight, and through proper loading of the dishwasher, you can extend the life of this appliance for several years, and also avoid the unnecessary cleanup of water all over your kitchen because the seal is not functioning properly.

Clothes Dryer Repair And Maintenance Tips

Finally, there is the clothes dryer that is one of the most vital appliances that you can operate and own. This is often subject to overheating, which may be in part due to dust in the back which is not vacuumed off regularly, or not cleaning the screen that catches all of the lint, causing the dryer to overheat. Another very important consideration is making sure that you do not overload the dryer. Clothing needs room to try out, essentially the ability to tumble, and if it is loaded up with too much, it will prevent it from shutting off causing the motor to burnout much more quickly. By doing smaller loads, you will extend the life of the dryer, and you should also use the auto dry setting. If you are using both of these suggestions simultaneously, you will find that your clothing will dry much more quickly, and you will use less energy, plus extend the life of the motor in your dryer.

The cost of replacing a major appliance can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending upon which appliance it is, and how expensive the unit comes at retail price. Refrigerators that have both freezers and refrigerating units, especially large ones, can cost thousands of dollars, but that does not mean that the extra price is going to help it last any longer if the seals on the doors are not functional. As long as you are vacuuming the dust from the refrigerator coils, checking the seals on the refrigerator and dishwasher, plus cleaning the lint from the screen of the dryer, all three of these will last quite a long time. If your goal is to not replace any appliances for at least 10 years, these tips will help you achieve that goal without any problem. Just make sure that you do this regularly as doing at one time is not going to help that much. It is important to always be consistent with the maintenance of your home appliances, strategies that will always extend the life of these very expensive appliances that we use in our homes every day.