Garage Door Repairs Reviewed


Garage door repair professionals will tell you that they have pretty well seen every garage door problem that you can imagine. This includes garage door repairs on commercial and residential garage doors. They will also tell you that each and every year there is always at least one situation that completely surprises them. For example, there was the time when a hornetís nest was being built on top of a photo eye sensor. Then there was the time that the kids were playing road hockey and a tennis ball knocked the garage door completely off its track.

There are times obviously when a homeowner will need to call a garage door repair company to repair their broken garage door. There are also homeowners who are able to fix the basic garage door problems on their own. Garage door repairs are relatively simple unless it is the motor, springs, or the remote control, the circle of a garage door can be repaired quite easily. This article will help you to understand some of the many garage door problems that can occur. These problems are the most common ones that any garage door company has to deal with. Click here to find reliable garage door repair company near you!

On the most common garage door problems is with transmitter batteries. People sometimes forget or fail to understand that the transmitter needs power to work. This will also include the transmitter that may be on the wall of your garage. You may have replaced one battery but really you should replace both transmitter batteries at the same time. This is just a basic maintenance principle that will save you money from calling a professional garage door serviceman.

Another very common problem is that he photo eye can become out of alignment. Every garage door will have a photo eye on each side. There is an invisible beam between these two photo eyes that when not functioning correctly it prevents the garage door from closing. If your garage door does not close then you should first of all check both of these photo eyes to make sure that they are not dirty or misaligned.

Once in a while your garage door track will go out of alignment. When this happens it can be a very serious issue. Your garage door has a metal track that allows the garage door to run smoothly. It needs to be perfectly aligned for the garage door to move. If you notice that there are any gaps between the rail and rollers or if there are any bends in the actual rails themselves then you will have a garage door alignment problem.

Have you ever noticed that a garage door at times can open and close on its own? This can be quite alarming especially if you are not at home. If you see this happening, or if your neighbor tells you that it is happening, then the first thing for you to do is to check your transmitters. Look for anything that might be the pressing the control mechanism. For example, the control mechanism could be being depressed because of a pile of newspapers. Also test your transmitterís frequency because it is possible that you have a neighbor who may have a garage door with the same frequency.

Once in a while you may notice that your garage door closes part way and then it reopens. A garage door has a safety feature called a reversing mechanism. The reversing mechanism will prevent the garage door from opening and crushing an object in its path. This could be caused by an object that is blocking the garage door path as it closes such as a skateboard, a garbage can, or other such items. However, it could also be because of a buildup of debris on the garage door track. This buildup of debris could prevent the rollers from moving forward.

Have you ever come home and tried to open up your garage door but it will not go up? This type of situation always seems to happen when itís raining. Most people believe that the garage door opener is at fault because it does all of the heavy lifting. The truth however is that the springs of the garage door do the heavy the. Your garage door will have either one or two torsion springs. If either of these torsion springs is broken the garage door opener will find it difficult to lift the heavy weight of the door. In some cases it will not lift the door at all. This is one repair job that needs to be done by a professional serviceman.

Sometimes a garage door will go down to the bottom and then re-open. The main culprit for this occurrence is the close and open limit settings on your garage door opener. Every garage door opener has a range that will tell the garage door how far it should go before it is fully close. If the settings are too high the garage door will hit the bottom sooner than it should. Your garage door opener will assume that it is hitting something and then will reverse itself to prevent crushing it. You can readjust these settings and you should have the proper settings in your operatorís manual.

If your garage door closes rapidly and sometimes with a big bang it may be because of two reasons. The first reason is that you have broken cables that connect the tension spring. The second reason is that you have a broken tension spring that is responsible for countering the weight of the door. In both of these cases you will need to call a garage door professional to service your garage door because these types of repair jobs can be dangerous.

Finally, the last garage door issue that we will discuss is when your garage door opener is running but the door does not move. Every garage door has a safety feature and a disconnect switch that will allow you to close or open your garage door manually if the power fails. The switch is normally attached to a knob or rope which can be sometimes accidentally unhooked. To fix this problem is simple. Open or close the door all the way and then reattach the rope or knob. Remember, garage doors are an important security feature to any home and should be maintained on a regular basis.