Mellanie Knox


Hello there, and welcome to Jokes Sites List! My name is Mallanie Knox, and I am an inventor of this beautiful idea.

I’ve been obsessed with jokes, and laughing since I was a little kid. I always wanted to be a stand up comedian, but since I’m bad with public speaking, and crowds, and basically everything else that involves more than two people, – I had to give up that idea pretty early in my life.

But’t feel sorry. I’m good. Better than good. Cause I get to share funny ideas, funny websites, funny pictures and stories on my website.

I’ve never been into technologies, websites or blogs myself, – and I could have never imagined I would do that in my life, – but now I do it, and it feels amazing.

Okay, – you basically get an idea. Cause it’s pretty simple. Sharing is caring as they say. I don’t earn money form this website so far, and as I mentioned I’m not too tech savvy – so if you have suggestions, on how to monetize website like that, – please contact me, and I will give you a nice cut from that. Just kidding of course, but yeah, – if you know how to do that, – just le me know!

Always yours, Mellanie! Keep laughing, keep joking. Life is too short to be be sad!

Something that insipres me: